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Santorini Island - Wineries

Top 10 Sights of Santorini

Santorini is an island with long wine-making tradition. The volcanic soil and the special climate of the island give a unique taste to the local wine. The wine of Santorini was famous all over the Mediterranean basin in the ancient times and even today it is exported in many countries of the world. Vinsanto, Nychteri and Mezzo are just some of the local varieties that can be found in many restaurants on the island and in various cellars in the world.

A very special thing to do on the island is visit some of the many Santorini wineries, spread all over the countryside. Most wineries in Santorini are actually found in the central and the southern part of the island, in the villages of Mesa and Exo Gonia, Megalochori and Messaria. Large vineyards surround the wineries, which can be visited individually or in an organized wine tour.

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